Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pencil sketching-Portrait

                                 The Most Expressive Eyes

                       Pencils used are 2H,2B,6B                           
                                                       Finished Look


  1. A part of her looks like Sonali Bendre..... Yes or No... I do not know... But she is beautiful.... Ultimate pencil sketch.... Kudos to u deary!!!!


  2. hello mam. i know u don't know me. actually i was just searching about groups related to pencil sketching on facebook, and i came across your works. and i must say these are some amazing works, and seeing your ability to work with different materials i can judge you are a good artist. since i am also into pencil sketching and making portraits can u give me some tips to improve on. this is my blog id:, looking forward for your word.

  3. Thank u all for the lovely words...

  4. You have a great hand lady, kudos! keep it going

  5. Nice sketches. good work. keep it up.

  6. first time here these pencil art is awesomeeeeeee no more words to express about this wonderful art :)


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