Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Ardent love for Art!!!

"Your Talent is God's Gift To You,what You do With It is Your Gift To God" 

This Famous quote by Dr Felice Leonard Buscaglia is very true and I also Infer that Artistry Lies in each one of us..If Dancing, Singing,Writing and Drawing are forms of art then according to me Good Communicational skills,Good Dressing Sense,Best Sense of Humor,Cooking,Making Some one laugh,Blogging,Caring,Loving etc.. are also forms of Art.

I Guess if Art  is a Garden Which has an  option of Enjoying the Serene Beauty  as well as owning,Then we should be Wise Enough to Grab Both.... 

I don't vouch that all my art works are flawless and Picture-Perfect,but everyday when I look at them I find a new flaw and think of improvising and making it better the next time..I must also Confess here that Along with this it also gives a comfort of doing 'Something'  which is  in a way better than doing 'Nothing'.......

 I Believe in Dreaming Big and then taking action to see My dream come true.....Aim for Sky,even If you miss you can Pull some Stars  on the way!!!


  1. oh woow!! m so glad u started blogging abt ur sketches too! I had told u na this will be gr8.. loved that eyes sketch alot!Way to go!! Keep rocking dear!

  2. Hi Ramya,

    I saw all your sketches and they are so beautiful...:)Leaf ganeshji, that girl's eyes are so good...
    And above quoted lines are so meaningful..

  3. Hello Ramya!
    Thank you for ur wishes!
    you 've got one hell of a art blog here!
    truly amazing and mind blowing! blog in more entries! good luck with that.

    Kind regards,

  4. Truely lovely blog.... Come up with more.

  5. Am I late here to the celebrations????? How was it that I did not know about this space of yours???? Simply awesome!!!! I loved the portraits & pencil sketches..... I am just spellbound...... Kudos!!!!! May God Bless u with new heights....& happiness.....


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  7. you are a marvelous artist and from the post I understand that you are a person who is always looking for perfection. I hope I will get to learn a lot from you and your creativity.

  8. Wow.I am lucky to come to your blog and see the wonderful paintings and sketches.They are all elegant and realistic.The title picture itself is arresting.Please provide for subscription through mails in the blog to enable me see the posts as and when made.
    Thanks for the visit and kind comments

  9. Hi, first time here, thanks to K Parthasarathi. Brilliant sketches & paintings, you sure have a great talent. Really loved "Your Talent is God's Gift To You,what You do With It is Your Gift To God"


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